Careers at The Zahnd Team

We’re looking for some A Players to join our fast-paced, highly skilled team of Expert Advisors.

Imagine a world where people wake up every morning… inspired to GROW, be EXCELLENT and make an IMPACT.

That’s what we do… and we need your help.

At the Zahnd Team Real Estate Advisors Inc. we are on a mission to create two five star real estate experiences daily!

We have a high bar of excellence and need a superstar caliber of people to become phenomenal agents within our organization.

This is not your typical sales job.

This is full-time work. You will benefit from:

  • All of our years of hard work
  • Massive capital investment the Zahnd Team has spent to be trained by the best in the business and build proven systems to build an outstanding real estate business

Everything you need to know about The Zahnd Team’s culture stems from our core values.


Our company is built on vulnerability-based trust which enables us to have conflict, commit, be held accountable and focus on our collective results. Through this foundation we can trust our team members to execute on their roles and build trust with clients.


If you want to have more, you need to become more. Growth is an integral part of our culture as we strive to be excellent individuals and a leader in our industry. If you believe in your power to become better every day than our focus on personal development, business training and communication will be the best place to enable you to thrive in life and at work!


Our vision states that we are in the business of raising the standard of realtors. This means that we are in the business of pushing each other to find the best solutions so we can be trailblazers in our industry. Creating thinking combined with a collaborative spirit allows us to direct our business to new heights!


This means you give 100% of the time without expecting anything in return. This core value means you take responsibility for your actions, you’re committed to a positive mindset and you respect others.


Likely if you’re reading through this you already have a zest for life, to grow and make an impact. That’s exactly the kind of people we surround ourselves with at The Zahnd Team. Through passion we help each other get what we deserve in life through the work that we do. That’s why it’s essential that our team members have an innate sense of passion for life!


When we are new, we contribute by being coachable and bringing great energy to the culture, as we gain experience, we contribute by becoming second-level leaders and giving back to the team.

If the go-getter in you wants more information about who we are as a company, this book recommendation list will build you a foundation of knowledge for how we operate.*It’s also the list of books we expect all of our team members to read upon being hired*

This is a must read before you apply:

    **If You’re Not First You’re Last **- Grant Cardone

    Other Big Books

  • Expert Secrets
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Patrick Lencioni
  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
  • The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster – Darren Hardy
  • If your not first you’re last – Grant Cardone
  • Be Obsessed or be average – Grant Cardone
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

  • We’re Hiring

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