6 Core Values Of The Zahnd Team


Core values establish the expectations for how your team members behave, which in turn, determines the vision of the company and helps to shape the culture. Establishing strong core values strengthens both the internal and external advantages to the company. These values are the essence of the company’s identity, principles, beliefs and philosophies.

The Zahnd Team is shaped by the following six core values; 100/0, Contribution, Passion, Trust, Growth, and Innovation.

Every day we practice implementing these core values in our daily huddles where our teammates call on each other to recite our purpose, mission statement and list of our core values.

We encourage our team to think about how they are embodying these values in their day-to-day. This ensures that outside of our office, our interactions with clients and business partners are being held to the same standard. Our hiring process is another opportunity that allows us to align ourselves with potential teammates who already embody these values or who are willing to grow and contribute to our culture.


In every aspect of our business, trust is the foundation. As Patrick Lencioni says, “With the foundation of vulnerability-based trust, we have conflict, commit, be held accountable, and focus on collective results.” Trust can be built, but we must first acknowledge the importance of trust in our day-to-day so we can be champions in other areas. This core value enables us to have trust within our team, and, to be trusted by anyone.


It may not be your fault, but it is 100% your responsibility and your choice as to how you respond. This core value simply means that you give your all, with no expectations of a return. You are taking 100% of the responsibility and ownership for the actions you take. In every transaction or project you take on, 100/0 means you are setting your ego aside, and leading with positive intent.


Contribution means you bring a positive mindset and energy to help develop a fantastic work environment. Embodying this value means you are someone who doesn’t take from the company but instead brings something to the table. Contribution doesn’t just end with the company, we must be contributors to our organization and to our community. Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to the contribution you make.


A value that cannot be taught is passion. Passion is key to fulfil the company’s vision, to make an impact, and to help each other get what we deserve in life through the work we do. Without a passion for what we do, we would have nothing propelling us forward from our failures. Being passionate about work will also bring passion back to you, who doesn’t want to work with passionate people? They are the people that will go the extra mile!


We expect the company to grow so our team members will also embody growth through their own set of core values. An inner drive to become better in all areas of life, to lead by example, fostering growth and leadership in others is essential for our company. We encourage our team members to grow because that is how the company will grow. Simply put, “If you want to have more, you need to become more.”


Innovation is not just saying yes to everything, it’s saying no to all but the most crucial ideas. Innovation for The Zahnd Team means to challenge our current belief systems, methods, and standards to find a better way. We are constantly looking for our team to find new ways for us to optimize our current systems. Challenging our team to think creatively, and to push each other to find the best answer is what helps us raise the standard to be a trailblazer.

If you like what you’ve just read and you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you. The Zahnd Team is growing and we can’t wait to have more trailblazers join our team!

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