About the Zahnd Team

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Hey, We’re The Zahnd Team Real Estate Advisors!

What we do is pretty simple to explain.

We help clients sell and buy real estate.

That’s it. It’s our full-time gig.

But, we make a pretty massive deal about one thing.


Epic Client Experience!

Just google “Zahnd Team” and dive into our 80 plus reviews from Google and Facebook combined, and you’ll see what I mean.

That’s alotta 5 stars!

So I guess you can say, we help clients sell and buy houses while delivering the most epic customer experience, and here’s how:

  1. RESULTS: Delivering amazing results through an actual home selling and home buying process (we’re pretty serious about not winging it )
  2. SUPPORT: Being there every step of the way
  3. CONNECTIONS: Making sure you are set up with trusted vendors necessary to close a deal. ( We vetted them through the same interview process we use to hire people. It’s pretty intense, so we know they will crush it for you. )
  4. CARE: Being there after the steps are complete (we want to make sure you’re super happy! )
  5. BENEFITS: Hooking you up with anything you need. (Seriously, we let our clients use our office space and even let them borrow the truck if they need to haul a load. I guess we just want to treat you like our friends and family)

Our Why & Mission

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of all agents fail out of the business, and real estate is one of the least trusted professions.

A conclusion can be drawn that a lot of agents fail because they do not have the experience and support needed to do great work for their clients. There isn’t even a mandatory apprenticeship program to train agents.

We get it! It’s a scary scene.

That’s why it’s our mission to be public leaders in real estate and inspire the industry to raise its standard.

We see the need for change and inspiration within the industry.

But why should you even care?

Well, it’s the reason we have so much love from our past clients.

To be public leaders in the industry, we get to raise the standards and strive for excellence.

The way we achieve this is by doing the opposite of what major big box companies do.

The big box franchises don’t offer service to clients. They provide services to realtors to run their own independent business.

At the Zahnd Team, we are just that – a team.

A team that is built around servicing the client, not only the agent. And as you saw above, it’s working out pretty well.

When your time comes to buy or sell real estate, get in touch!

We are excited to help you!

(226) 780-0808

Get in touch!

Meet the Team

  • Blake Berfelz

    Sales Representative

  • Brandon Town

    Sales Representative

  • Greg Demeuleneare

    Sales Representative

  • Haley Gill

    Client Onboarding & Experience Expert

  • June Rafferty

    Operations Manager

  • Matt Jones

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Miranda Drexler

    Client Discovery & Experience Expert

  • Nick Bergmann

    Sales Representative

  • Steve Zahnd

    Broker of Record & Chief Executive Officer

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