The Zahnd Team Buy/Sell Real Estate Journey

When you’re embarking on a journey, you’re looking to make a shift from your current state to a brand new state. When you have a detailed plan to guide you, you are much more likely to have a successful journey.

We know missteps can cost you thousands of dollars. These steps can be taken with excellence, missed or completely overlooked all together.

That’s why we’ve spent years working in the Real Estate Industry: first learning how things were done, then seeing where things worked, and where things fell short. We then refined the process over and over again until we found a way to understand our clients’ goals, and deliver success to them, on their terms, every time.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to choose a guide for your Real Estate Buying & Selling Journey – whether it’s yourself, another agent, or a Zahnd Team Expert Advisor. Below is our real estate journey framework that you can expect us to guide you through if you choose to hire us.


Creating your Five-Star Real Estate experience is our mission! Since everyone’s real estate journey is different we want to know what your five-star real estate experience looks like. This way our team can deliver on what is important to you.


Included In Your Personalized Game Plan

  • Goal & Timing Analysis
  • Determining Your Homes Value
  • Assessing Money In Your Pocket
  • Identifying Buying Scenarios
  • Understand your goals so make sure our process is fine-tuned to deliver the results you need, in a way that creates the best experience for you.

    People often do not properly estimate how long the Buying & Selling process will take when implemented properly. We then move to an up-to-date market analysis on your home to determine its value. Once we have your home’s value, we can determine how much money will be left over in your pocket after all expenses, debts, and fees are paid when your home is sold.

    Once we have your sale price we can plug that into our financial calculator, to build out multiple buying scenarios to ensure your buying goals, financial goals and lifestyle goals are aligned. This way we can play out different scenarios to ensure we’re hitting the goals for money in your pocket or your new monthly hold cost. From these pieces we now have everything we need to begin personalizing your game plan! Now it’s all about executing the plan!

    Your personalized game plan is just one conversation away!

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    Included in Your Ideal Home Finding System is…

  • Instant Priority Access
  • Home Hunters
  • Home Customization
  • Once we’ve identified the criteria for your perfect home we’ll take that information and plug it into the Real Estate software that manages all of Ontario’s real estate listings. This action alone, notifies you of all the listings that come to market 24-48 hours before real estate websites like let other potential buyers know.

    Our next step is to be proactive in finding off market opportunities for you. We unleash our Home Hunters to find homes that are not for sale, and try to get them to sell their home just to you. Occasionally we find our clients a home in the perfect location, but the inside isn’t up to snuff. That’s why we created programs for our clients to get access to funds to renovate their home while buying it. This way they get the perfect location and the perfect inside.


    Included in Building Market Demand

  • Productize your home
  • Build Market Buzz
  • Launch Marketing System
  • Selling for most money
  • In order to sell your home for the most amount of money, you need a marketing strategy that will find the buyer who believes your home is their dream home.

    A well-positioned home does not happen by accident. It is the result of a carefully executed plan that is crafted for your specific home and the marketplace it is competing in. Create excitement that you have the best product, and give buyers confidence in the quality of your product, and have a great experience learning about and viewing your product.

    For example, when Apple launches a new IPHONE, they create excitement to a point where people are lining up to buy it,because they know it’s going to be a quality product that meets their needs and they know it will be a great experience. That’s what productizing your home will do for you!

    The next step is getting people to know your home is coming to market, while building excitement around the event.

    You don’t walk into a movie theatre and see a list of movies that you have never heard of before. You saw a trailer, you saw posters, you saw social media posts about the movies. There was a whole system in place that let you know the movie was coming, what it was about, and got you excited to see it. We do the same thing for your home.

    Launching your home to the market needs to mimic the opening weekend of a movie. Like the blockbuster movies trying to beat the box office records, we want to strategically launch your home to jam the maximum amount of excitement into the shortest time period possible. This creates a fear of missing out on your home, that will motivate buyers to bring the highest paying offers to your doorstep.


    Our Smooth Move System is our refined approach to successfully negotiating offers, managing conditions once we’ve reached a deal and diligently managing the closing process.

    The key to a successful offer negotiation is to start from a position of strength and be prepared for all potential outcomes. We want to ensure that the offer is as heavily favoured to you as possible while still being fair to other parties.

    Once we’ve reached a deal we want to ensure it’s executed perfectly, with any issues being properly handled by professionals, so you’re not dealing with additional stress and distractions.

    Once the time comes to move out of your old home and into your new one this is where a lot of people drop the ball and suffer huge consequences. Being diligent in the final hours is the key to ensuring a smooth move!

    5-Star Commission Back Guarantees

    We offer peace of mind and accountability through our 5 star commission back guarantee. Why? We understand that we have to show up every day to earn your business and add value – if not, we’ll cancel your contract and you are free to work with someone else. All of our agents at The Zahnd Team are licensed and insured through The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). Only when an official Buyer or Seller Representation Agreement is signed do these protections take effect.

    Love it or List it Guarantee

    If for some reason the home you just purchased isn’t fitting your needs or you are unhappy with it, we will do what it takes to get you a new home. We will sell the home for free and find you another home. We still have to offer a co-brokerage commission, but the listing side of the deal is covered!

    Cancellation Guarantee

    We’re confident we’ll deliver you a 5-star real estate experience. We believe every client deserves their own 5-Star Real Estate experience, and we’re confident we will be able to create it for you. If we fail, we’ll give you back 50% of the commission we receive to make up for it.

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